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Solutions to Problems

Nov 22, 2019

The third part of our new four-part miniseries! Wait Wait Don’t Teleport Me!! is a sound collage of shows heard on IFM2 Subspace Radio, an ambient comedy outside the frame of linear time. In this third episode: an interview with the only person to successfully prevent Shakespeare’s assassination, strategies on how to be a better eyeball ping-pong player, non-existent callers have a dial tone competition, and another segment with our omnipotent intern Samantha! With your soap operatic hosts: Kerrington, Nova, Maggie, and C.C. Sims.

Transcript at

WWDTM was created, produced, and musically scored by Michael F. Gill. Written sections were by Michael F. Gill, with everything else improvised by the actors.

The theme song was composed by Thomas Dwyer, with lyrics and arrangement by Michael.

This episode features:

Suzanne O'Toole as The Honorable Margaret Fly

April March as Dr. Nova Lasagna Pennington

Susanna Kittredge as C.C. Sims

Catherine Martin as Catherine Mckey

Michael F. Gill as Kerrington Woods and Michael Frederick

The voice of Samantha is Phoenix Bunke. The voice of Loaf is Nathan Comstock. The voice of Frankie is Valerie Loveland. You also heard the voices of Austin Hendricks, Nathan Comstock, Chloe Cunha, Ramy Abdelghani, and Ron Prudent in the skits and sketches. You can visit us online at, which has full transcripts, as well as links on how you can support us through PayPal or Radiopublic.

Season 3 will be coming soon!