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Solutions to Problems

Apr 17, 2020

On his home planet of Armulus Four Zeta Zombort, Loaf is a guest on an intergalactic cooking show, where he prepares the authentic human dish "Hash Browns," and answers questions about transdimensional spatulas, flaming salads, and good recipe substitutes for snails.

This mini-episode features Nathan Comstock as Loaf,...

Apr 17, 2020

In this episode recapping season 1 and 2, we hear the timeline-locked log of Officer Armin Nassif from the Time Travel and Interdimensional Regulations Agency (TARTI), where he catches his alternate selves up on his history with Loaf, Janet, and the rest of the Solutions To Problems crew.

Featuring Ramy Abdelghani as...

Apr 3, 2020

Season 3 of Solutions to Problems starts on April 17th! New episodes will be released every two weeks. Austin, Nathan, and Michael fill you in on all the details.

Thank you so much for listening! We love you. Please stay safe.