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Solutions to Problems

Oct 26, 2018

Janet and Loaf tackle accidental co-parenting, omnipotent teens, lonely planets, a space cult, and gets some help from everyone's favorite time agent.
Featuring Phoenix Bunke as Samantha, Ramy Abdelghani as Officer Nassif, Nathan Comstock as Periwinkle/Loaf, and Austin Hendricks as Janet. This week's letters were...

Oct 12, 2018

Janet and Periwinkle get back into the swerve of things for an AI-themed show, with a very special (if unintended) guest in studio. They tackle when to come out as a sentient being, how to be a good virtual assistant, and also give tips on how to cope with being ghosted.

Featuring Chloe Cunha as Melody, Nathan Comstock...