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Solutions to Problems

May 29, 2020

Back from vacation and back in the studio, Loaf and Janet catch up with each other, and offer advice in regards to gentrification on Mars, how to avoid a mega-pet showdown between neighbors, and when you should take a blood oath seriously.

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May 15, 2020

IFM2 station manager Mr. Xorfus and omnipotent intern Samantha try to resolve a supernatural printer jam with some help from station AI Melody. Also: Sam has some ideas for radio shows of her own!

This mini-episode features Phoenix Bunke as Samantha, Ron Prudent as Mr. Xorfus, and ChloƩ Cunha as Melody.

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May 1, 2020

Frankie and Officer Nassif play phone tag regarding IFM2's paradox-fixed contracts, and some disturbing timelines that may or may not have happened. Meanwhile, The Network of Janets have a groupchat to discuss temporal displacement coordinates, dating gossip, and whether or not certain Janets are keeping up with...